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Cordelia is transforming Montessori school management and designed specifically for Montessori schools. Explore our diverse features designed to simplify tasks and build a vibrant community.

Intentional Design, Simplicity

Inspired by Montessori principles of simplicity, organization, and aesthetically pleasing. 

Montessori Admissions Form

Flexibility for Individuality

Each Montessori school is unique. That’s why Cordelia offers an experience that respects your individuality.


Cordelia provides both a bird-eye and a granular view of your admissions funnel, making admission management a breeze.

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Montessori Applicant Form

Prospective Parent Involvement

We believe in creating a strong partnership between school and home right from the start. Cordelia improves transparency and communication, and gives your school a professional edge.

Student Information System

Experience the power of real-time information with Cordelia.

Student Info System
Montessori online Attendance form

Empowering Teachers

Cordelia supports educators in their vital role, making their tasks efficient and enhancing their connection with parents.