Montessori School management software as a solution (SaaS)

Clever Education Solutions is changing the landscape of Montessori school management so school administrators have more time to do what’s important… spend time serving and building their community. 

With our product, Cordelia, we offer a cloud-based, modular and comprehensive school management system specifically designed for Montessori schools, from Admissions to Student Information System.

Why Clever Education Solutions Is The Perfect Choice


Conceived for Montessori Practices by Montessorians

From its inception, Cordelia incorporates Montessori practices and terminology. We are Montessori-trained, so we understand your needs and we speak the same language.


Track Admission Process

Your admission process is reproduced in our system thanks to our powerful configurator tool. Prospective parents and administrators track in real time the admission progress.


Gain Efficiency

The data is stored in one central data source that is live and accessible by all users. The data automatically flows from the admissions stage to the Student Information System and the other modules by the school, eliminating the need for intermediate data entry.


Unmatched Support

We know you are busy so we manage the onboarding process and the transition to our system to minimize its impact on your day-to-day activities.


Uncluttered Design

Designed with the user in mind, every page is purposely uncluttered, clean, and easy to navigate.

For Montessori schools by Montessorians

The first comprehensive school management solution

Group of three people laughing and smiling
Young boy and teacher in classroom
Grandparents and parents sitting in group setting at school
Group of three people laughing and smiling


We know you’ve been asking for an all-in-one management solution for some time. We heard you! Our cloud-based, integrated modules address every aspect of managing your Montessori school from admissions to comprehensive student information management, fundraising, customer accounts and billing management, communication and more. It allows for a free flow of data across modules, therefore providing efficiency and reliability. With Cordelia, you’ll have more time to spend your energy on what matters most: your students, your staff, and your community.

Young boy and teacher in classroom


We have made taking attendance a breeze! With the click on one radio button, you mark students’ attendance. 

You easily upload pictures, tag students and materials, and keep your students’ parents informed of your class happenings.

Grandparents and parents sitting in group setting at school


Prospective parents create their individual account when inquiring at your school. From there, they are able to follow the progress of their child’s application process, and to easily exchange documents with your school as needed. Once enrolled, parents access their child’s classroom pictures, fill out forms, check the school and classroom calendars, all from one place, with one log-in.

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