Montessori School management software as a solution (SaaS)

Clever Education Solutions offers the first cloud-based, modular and comprehensive school management system specifically designed for Montessori schools, from Infant to Adolescent programs.

Why Clever Education Solutions Is The Perfect Choice


Conceived for Montessori Practices

We believe Montessori schools deserve to have a school management system that is conceived for Montessori practices and terminology.


Intuitive Design

We believe that using a school management system made for Montessori schools should be intuitive and pleasing to the eye.


Saves Time

We believe teachers’ and administrators’ time is precious and should be spent on important tasks such as being with children and families, rather than laboring over technology.


Unmatched Support

We believe running a Montessori school takes a larger commitment of time, effort, and skill than a traditional school setting, which is why we want to support your school in the best way possible.


Real-time Communication

We believe a Montessori school is a partnership between parents and school, and parents and school should be able to easily communicate on a real-time basis.

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We offer consulting services

We are here, ready to support administrators, teachers and parents with on-site or virtual services in various areas such as business/enrollment development, event/fundraising organization, Board of Trustees support and training, development of an outdoor environment, classroom observations, professional development and support for teaching staff, parenting support e.g. creating a Montessori environment at home, training for babysitter/nanny in the Montessori approach. Interested to talk to us or learn more? Please fill out your information below.

For Montessori schools by Montessorians

The first comprehensive school management solution

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Young boy and teacher in classroom
Grandparents and parents sitting in group setting at school
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Our cloud-based, integrated modules will address every aspect of managing your Montessori school from comprehensive student demographics management to admission, fundraising and communication and more, allowing for a free flow of data across the modules, therefore providing efficiency and reliability.
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Our Classroom Management solution allows you to follow your curriculum, plan and record your lessons, write down observation notes, produce progress reports, publish pictures, and communicate with your classroom parents as a whole or individually, and make available permission forms or other documentation, all in one, easy-to-use system.
Grandparents and parents sitting in group setting at school


Parents of enrolled students, stay informed via our Parent Portal. Select how you wish to receive communication, fill out forms, sign field trip authorizations, look at your child’s classroom happenings, check on your family account and upcoming payments due, all in one place, with one log-in. Prospective parents follow the progress of your child’s admission process. Certain features are associated with specific modules.

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