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From its inception, Cordelia incorporates Montessori practices, terminology, and concepts. We are Montessori-trained, so we understand your needs. We speak the same language.
The data is stored in one centralized data source. It is live and accessible to all users. The data automatically flows from Admissions to the Student Information System, and all other functions. Cordelia eliminates the need for multiple data entry.
We know how the beauty and simplicity of the Montessori environments bring a sense of calm, joy, and peace. That is what we are replicating in Cordelia. Spending so much time in front of a computer screen is hard enough, so we want the user to feel good about their experience in Cordelia. Designed with the end-user in mind, every page is purposely uncluttered, clean, easy on the eye, and easy to navigate.

Stay on top of all your applications! Your admission steps are populated in our system. Administrators and Prospective Parents follow, in real time, the admission progress of each applicant.

We know Administrators are busy! So, we minimize the impact transitioning to a new system can have on your day-to-day activities. We work closely with you and help streamline processes. We take on ourselves what’s necessary to make the transition to Cordelia as easy as possible on you and your team.
“If you are looking for a company that can provide a highly customized experience for all of your school’s admissions, website and teacher support needs, Clever Education Solutions is a great fit at an affordable price.”
Kimberly B.
Baden Montessori School



Our cloud-based centralized database gives you one platform to work from for Admissions, Student Information System (SIS) Enrollment, Tuition Payment Management, Attendance, and more. It allows for a free flow of data across functions, therefore providing efficiency and reliability.


With your log-in, check your students’ information, authorized pick-ups and emergency contacts. Take attendance, upload pictures.


Prospective parents create their individual account when inquiring at your school. From there, they are able to follow the progress of their child’s application process, and easily exchange documents with your school as needed. Once enrolled, parents access their child’s classroom pictures, fill out forms, check the school and classroom calendars, all from one place, with one log-in.

“This program has been life-changing for our school! The admission process is much more streamlined and this saves me so much time. The team is so responsive and helpful, and they walked us through every step of the process. I highly recommend Clever Education Solutions for its ease of use, great customer service, and cost-saving solutions to the admission process.”
Amanda S.
Westabou Montessori School

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