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Nurturing Montessori Schools
Every Step Of The Way


Years of firsthand experience within the Montessori system left co-founders Dominique Mouthon and Katie McChesney all too familiar with the cumbersome task of managing their schools using multiple tools. The lack of communication between platforms resulted in tedious data manipulation and task duplication, causing frustration, errors, and precious time wasted on non-value-added work.

Driven by their profound understanding of the challenges faced by Montessori schools, Cordelia was designed to streamline school operations so Montessori school administrators are better able to concentrate on building a vibrant and resilient school community where students thrive and adults flourish.


At Clever Education Solutions, we believe in building lasting relationships with our partners and conducting ourselves and our business with integrity, honesty, and mutual respect.

We are committed to supporting our Montessori clients every step of the way as they integrate our school management software. We understand that change can be daunting, but we guide and build hands-on relationships with each school for a seamless transition. Our dedicated team will be there from the start, providing personalized attention and continuous support, fostering collaboration and open communication.

Cordelia : A Name reflecting our values

Have you ever wondered about the story behind our name, Cordelia? It’s more than just a name; it’s a reflection of our values and the essence of what we stand for.

“Cordelia,” derived from the Latin word “cor,” meaning heart, embodies the beating heart of our commitment to Montessori education. It symbolizes a heart-centered approach, unwavering dedication to excellence, personalized service, and strength in simplicity.

Join us on this Montessori journey with Cordelia, where the name itself encapsulates the values that guide us.

Together, with our commitment and the essence of Cordelia, we’re dedicated to creating an enriching Montessori education experience, harnessing the power of technology to nurture young minds and pave the way for a brighter future.

The co-founding team

Dominique Mouthon

co-Founder & ceo

Dominique’s Montessori journey began with her children, sparking a lifelong commitment to the Montessori Method. Over 25 years, she excelled as a Lead Teacher and Head of School at Adams Montessori and Follow the Child Montessori (FCM). Her dedication to authentic Montessori education and professional growth drove significant enrollment increases and successful projects, including building a new facility at FCM. Now, her wealth of experience as an educator and administrator inspired her to develop a school management system tailored for small and medium-sized Montessori schools, bridging the gap for schools seeking effective solutions without expensive and ill-suited software.


Serge Mouthon

co-Founder & cfo

Serge, brings a deep understanding of the Montessori profession as the spouse of a teacher and Head of School. As a Montessori dad, he has witnessed firsthand the benefits of this system in raising caring, strong-minded, and successful young women. With over 40 years of extensive business experience, including mechanical engineering, business development, and operations management, Serge brings a wealth of knowledge from the medical-device industry and co-founding a specialized equipment firm. His boots-on-the-ground approach and no-nonsense leadership style make him thrive in fast-paced environments. His organizational skills and commitment to customer success are widely appreciated by school staff and parents.


Katie McChesney

Katie, a Montessori-school alum, brings strong expertise to Cordelia as the former IT Director at Follow the Child Montessori School (FCM) in Raleigh, NC. Her keen eye for detail has proven instrumental in streamlining various administrative processes, spanning admissions, student records management, finance, development, and communications. With a track record of successfully spearheading multiple data migrations and system implementations at Follow the Child Montessori School, Katie’s unique perspective as both a developer and an end-user enables her to comprehensively understand and optimize systems for the utmost efficiency.


Blake Skidmore

Meet Blake—a dedicated father of two girls who both flourished in the Montessori system. Blake served on the Board of [Directors or Trustees] at Adams Montessori School, where his 10+ years of expertise in education technology shine. His vast experience includes leading a Department of Information and Instructional Technology in a private K-12 school, offering Ed-Tech consulting, and driving development in an online school focused on high school and secondary programs. With a hands-on approach and a passion for sharing best practices, Blake actively contributes to Education Technology events, staying at the forefront of advancements in the education sector.

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